Atomatic Fitness, Official Trailer, a film by Alejandra Tomei & Alberto Couceiro, 21min. Stop-Motion 2015. Music by: Boris Jöns

to be or haven't time to be?

It is a laberyntic poetry on the human automatism. A reflextion about our daily relationship with money and time.
It's an animated tragicomedy which plays with the concept of an all permeating acceleration.
It is about the stranglehold of everyday madness and the automatisms,
in which we are forced to live, work, breathe, think and: exist.

It‘s a parodie of this already aged so called "modern way of life".

It's a 21Min. animated shortfilm produced in Berlin.
We created this stop-motion project some years ago as a short film, now it becames a long short.

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Automatic Fitness was awarded with the "Public Prize" in Montreal-Canada!



Kino im Knast: Kurzfilmabend- Abschluss mit Publikumspreis
New screening Automatic Fitness in Magdeburg at 18th September 6pm.
Milwaukee Int. Film Festival 2015. "Oficial Selection". "This diverse, unexpected, and beautiful grouping of animated offerings presents an ever-shifting series of stories where anything can and will happen. Ranging from silly and absurd to heartfelt and personal, each short is perfectly matched with its technique, form and function in animated harmony. The wide variety is sure to provoke post-screening conversations in the lobby" for more information, here
Automatic Fitness in the Stop-Motion Film Festival 2015.25th-27th September in Montreal, Canada
Montreal Stop-Motion
Automatic Fitness in International Short Film Festival in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. September 18th-27th 2015 in the International Competition
International Short Film Festival Hayah in Panama. Our short will be in the section "Costeame". It will take place from the 10th till the 16th September 2015 in Panama City.
Automatic Fitness will be on competition at the Anibar Animation Festival on August 20th-26th in Peja - Kosovo
On June 1st. at 6:30 pm in the Goethe Institute in Washington DC in USA . Within the EuroAsia Short Film Exihbition.
Goethe Institut
Next screening in the USA on May 24th on competition in the category " Animation for Adults " Seattle International Film Festival 2015

seattle film festival 2015

In Colombia, Cali we're invited to offer a 4 day workshop more specifically in Character Design for Stop-Motio . From We 6.5 to 8.5 at 4-6 pm. In the Free University of Cali


Next screening in the 22th. International Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart 2015. In the category Panorama | 3 | Gloria 1 | July 5th. | 23pm | . Please check the address on the Festival Website

We celebrate Team & Friends Film release in Berlin. On February 28th. 2015 at 3pm. Hackesche Höfe kino in Berlin.


In February 2015, we celebrated a great start of our short film "Automatic Fitness". It was chosen by the 65th. Berliner Film Festival (out of competition). The first release took place on the 9th February in Martin-Gropius-Bau.


After finishing the long and costly shooting stage of AUTOMATIC FITNESS, we found ourselves with the difficult prospect of starting the post-production without the financial support to do it. Thanks to this new possibility of raising money online, we managed to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign, and in December 2013, we had the financial support we needed to cover the costs of post-production cost. Along with the musicians/composers, the film editor and the sound editor, we believe we have been able to express our point of view on the topic in a wild and intense short film.

Along with the musicians/composers, the film editor and the sound editor, we believe we have been able to express our point of view on the topic that concern us and we need to talk about to in a wild and intense short film.. Find more about the campaign here and more about the Film here

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