Atomatic Fitness, Official Trailer, a film by Alejandra Tomei & Alberto Couceiro, 21min. Stop-Motion 2015. Music by: Boris Jöns

to be or haven't time to be?

It is a laberyntic poetry on the human automatism. A reflextion about our daily relationship with money and time.
It's an animated tragicomedy which plays with the concept of an all permeating acceleration.
It is about the stranglehold of everyday madness and the automatisms,
in which we are forced to live, work, breathe, think and: exist.

It‘s a parodie of this already aged so called "modern way of life".

It's a 21Min. animated shortfilm produced in Berlin.
We created this stop-motion project some years ago as a short film, now it becames a long short.

Deutsche Version

The Film was released at 28.02.2015 at the Hackesche Höfe KINO -Berlin

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